Overpriced Gourmet at The Local

Rating: One Piggy
Cuisine: Gourmet (Seasonal, Local Organic)
Dress: Casual
Average Price of an Entrée: $14.00
Children Friendly? Yes

The Local's BuildingJeff and I wanted to try something a little different from all the ethnic cuisines we had been eating lately, so I suggested we try out The Local Eatery & Pub for lunch. My ex and I had gone a few times when we were still married and had enjoyed it quite a bit. The Local has been open for nearly two years now and features seasonal gourmet dishes prepared with locally grown and raised organic produce and meats. The Local tends to be a bit pricey, especially if you are getting something other than a sandwich, so make sure to save your pennies before going.


Interior DecorThe Local consists of a large open room with a divider between the large bar and the even larger family dining area. There’s a huge blackboard painted above the entrance to the kitchen and bathrooms. Here is where the kid’s menu and the desserts are listed as well as the local farms from which the restaurant gets its produce and meat.

Chalkboard MenuThe floors are bare concrete with an open ceiling painted black, which seems to be a fairly popular scheme with new restaurants, and tends to be very noisy. The place was noisy and there were only a handful of customers in the place for lunch that day. So don’t expect to have an intimate dining experience when you get there.

The BarThe whole place is painted a robin’s egg blue with black and white oversized farm themed photos on the center divider and paintings on the walls. The tables are neat with white linen covered with brown wrapping paper, making clean up very easy for the staff.

The overall effect is pleasant although not very intimate.


Service was quick and the wait staff was helpful. I can’t say much more than that.


The Local is very clean and the tables are cleaned promptly. As I mentioned before, clean up is facilitated by the brown packaging paper on top of the linen table cloths.


Did I mention the menu is seasonal and changes weekly? The first time I visited this restaurant, they offered a special of poutine featuring beef tongue in dark, rich gravy on top of cheese curds and fries. Although I would have liked a larger serving, it was delicious and I’ve been looking for it on the menu ever since.

The Smoking Goose Meat PlateThis time around Jeff and I ordered the Smoking Goose Meat Platter as an appetizer. Jeff ordered the Bison Burger, omitting the bun and any fries, and I ordered the Chicken Panini with Cajun seasoned Tater Tots.

I must say I was very disappointed with the Smoking Goose Meat Platter. It had only 4 to 6 see-through slivers of the three, featured hard sausages. In fact, I think we got more of the pickled veggies than we did of the sausage. You’d think for $16 they’d give you a bit more sausage than perhaps a quarter inch thickness in total worth of each kind.

Bison BurgerJeff’s Bison Burger was well seasoned if a touch too charred. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the Chicken Panini. The transition from the crisp bread to the soft and gooey interior was a delight and the flavor was great. The Cajun seasoned Tater Tots; however, were over seasoned with the Cajun spice blend they used making the tots way too salty to eat. When I complained about it, the waitress offered to replace it or to remove the cost from my bill. I opted to have the cost removed from the bill, which equated to less than a dollar removed from cost of my sandwich.

Chicken PaniniDid I mention The Local is expensive? Between the two of us we had an appetizer, two sandwiches, a diet soda, and an iced tea. The total bill came to over $50! Pretty damned expensive for a bit of lunch, eh?

The Juicy Bits

Overall I was disappointed with my lunch at The Local. The only reason I’m giving the place a positive rating on the food is because of my previous experiences there. I am willing to go back; however, and give them another chance at a better rating because I know they have and can do better. Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend any one dish because the menu is always changing. Consider that a good thing.

In summary: A relatively poor showing this time out, but worth trying again based on my past experiences there.

The Local Eatery & Pub
14655 N Gray Rd
Westfield, IN 46062
Tel: (317) 218-3786
Website: http://localeateryandpub.com/
Hours: Monday – Thursday (11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.), Friday – Saturday (11:00 a.m. – TBD), Sunday (11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.)

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