Pub Food at Lord Ashley’s is Disappointing

Rating: Stay Away Piggy
Cuisine: Americana (Steaks & Pub Food)
Dress: Casual
Average Price of an Entrée: $14.00
Children Friendly? Yes

Lord Ashley's BuildingThere has been a Lord Ashley’s Pub & Eatery in Indianapolis for as long as I have lived here. The original, located in Cherry Tree Plaza, closed down a few years ago. The one in Oaklandon; however, is still open and has been operating for nearly 20 years under a different owner from that of the original.


Ambiance is a bit like a 1970’s steakhouse with dark colors, wood paneling, and low lights, which make for a very dark atmosphere. In my opinion the place could use a bit of a face lift. I don’t think the decor has changed since my last visit over ten years ago.

Interior Decor    More Interior Decor    The Bar


The only people on staff during our visit were the owner/manager and a waitress. The place wasn’t very busy but the service was still a bit slow and I tend to be pretty tolerant of slow service. There were essentially three sets of customers while we were there and one was finishing up. It took a while to get drinks refilled and for the food to arrive once we made our order.


The bathroom, though worn, was very clean. It was dark in the restaurant but it was easy to tell the carpet was well beyond its usable lifespan and should be replaced. Otherwise the place was tolerably clean and the tables were cleared and cleaned fairly promptly after the customers left.


The food was kind of a mixed bag here. We ordered Rotisserie Chicken Wings as an appetizer. Jeff ordered the Lord Ashley’s Famous Burger with homemade potato chips and, feeling like eating a bit light, I ordered the Taco Salad.

Rotisserie Chicken WingsThe Rotisserie Chicken Wings had very crispy skin which is great but fell flat on the seasoning. Still, combined with the wonderfully chunky blue cheese dressing I say it is a winner. The blue cheese dressing is made in-house and is probably the chunkiest dressing I have ever tasted.

Lord Ashley’s Famous BurgerLord Ashley’s Famous Burger was pretty good. It was a half-pounder loaded with sautéed onions, bacon, American and Swiss cheese, and flavored with some kind of Cajun spices. I thought it was a touch over-cooked but otherwise quite tasty. The homemade potato chips were great. They were fresh, crisp, and also had the Cajun seasoning. I couldn’t stop eating them!

Taco SaladThe major disappointment of the day was the Taco Salad. Where to start? First the corn chips were stale. In a restaurant this is unforgivable. Second, their special chili tasted to me like Wolf brand, canned chili. Third, what little taco meat there was in the salad was presented as a little cold meatball. It wasn’t even properly heated. The serving looked generous but was seriously lacking in anything substantial that you normally find in a taco salad. I cannot recommend this dish in anyway, unless you want to walk away hungry. The thing I found unforgivable was the condition of the corn chips. Never, ever, serve stale food to a customer. It makes them wonder what else they were served that was less than fresh and it was this faux pas that weighed most heavily in the rating this restaurant received.

The Juicy Bits

I cannot really recommend this restaurant. I’m not even sure I am willing to go back to give them a second chance. Like I said earlier, the worst thing a restaurant can do is serve something that is less than fresh to a customer. Once detected, it makes the customers question everything they’ve eaten that evening. I even wondered if that could have been why the burger was overcooked.

In summary: I wouldn’t bother.

Lord Ashley’s Pub & Eatery
11730 Pendleton Pike
Indianapolis, IN 46236
Tel: (317) 826-7860
Hours: Monday – Thursday (11:00 a.m. – Midnight), Friday (11:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m.), Saturday (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m.), Sunday (9:30 a.m. – Midnight)

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2 Responses to Pub Food at Lord Ashley’s is Disappointing

  1. Claude Fisher says:

    We have been to Lord Ashley’s two times. Both times the food has been better then we expected. The Clam Chowder was great followed by the small prime rib I had were outstanding! My wife had the breaded tenderloin which she said was super as well. We WILL go back to Lord Ashley’s when we are in the area!

    • Phil says:

      Hi Claude, thank you for your comment and I am pleased to read you enjoy the food at Lord Ashley’s. I am always happy to see comments from fans and get feedback positive or negative on my reviews. It helps me understand my audience better and even better, I know I’m not just writing to the electronic ether of the world wide web.

      Please understand, My review is simply based on one meal I had there recently. It is purely my opinion, and I welcome everyone to voice their own here as well.

      So to explain my method. Most folks visiting a restaurant for the first time base their opinions on the single meal they ate, and based on that single meal, in the eyes of those people, that restaurant is, forevermore, either great, middling, or poor in their view, and few people, if any, ever give a restaurant that served them a poor meal a second chance.

      So, Jeff enjoyed his burger and it seems to be an item this restaurant serves regularly, so I am not surprised it was fresh and tasty. Now I’m willing to bet dollars to doughnuts, Lord Ashley’s does not serve Taco Salad on a regular basis, and it is probably for that reason the chips weren’t fresh. The Taco Salad weighed most heavily in my rating. For me to give a high rating or recommendation on any restaurant, the food we eat has to be of top quality and freshness. Unfortunately for Lord Ashley’s, my Taco Salad was not.

      I stand by my rating. However, based on your comment Jeff and I may find our way to that part of town again sometime in the future and give Lord Ashley’s another opportunity to impress.

      Again, thank you so much for your comment. I hope you enjoy my reviews and continue to visit.


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