Standard Pub Fare at B&C’s Hideout Restaurant

Rating: One Piggy
Cuisine:Americana (Pub Food)
Dress: Casual
Average Price of an Entrée: $9.00
Children Friendly? Yes

B&C's Hideout Restaurant & Pub SignRecently I traded in my old POS Buick Rendezvous for a newer Ford Flex. I was pretty excited about it and drove around town showing off the car to all my family members. By the time I got to my sister’s place it was nearly dinner time and I was invited to go with them to B&C’s Hideout Restaurant. According to my sister, B&C’s has had a few different locations lately. She told me they were first located in a bank off of Pendleton Pike near Oaklandon that had been robbed so many times they closed the branch. Then for whatever reason, they changed locations to Shelbyville, and then moved back north to their current location in a former real estate office in New Palestine.


B&C's Hideout Restaurant & Pub SignBecause my underage niece was with us, we were unable to enter the pub side of the place and instead had to eat in the family area. It was nice enough, although plain. Black, steel-backed chairs surrounded pedestal tables with white Formica tops on a spotted white linoleum tile floor. There were no booths. The walls were a rather drab, painted an off-white with a greenish tinge to it, and there were no decorations to speak of. The entire area was very well lit and kind of reminded me of a school or office lunch room.

Business was brisk, and the restaurant is extremely popular. The entire time we were there the place was very busy with a full family area even though it only a Monday evening. When we left, there was a handful of people waiting for a table and the parking lot was full.


Service was blindingly fast. There were at least three waitresses serving tables in the family area and I don’t think any of them were over the age of 18. The young ladies were friendly and professional. As soon as we sat down we were asked what we would like to drink and if we wanted to order an appetizer. The whole evening our drinks were refilled quickly. My impression of the service there was entirely positive.


The entire area was very clean. The staff cleared and washed the tables quickly and the floor around the table was swept before the next group of customers was led in. Bathrooms were also impeccably clean as you would expect in a fairly new restaurant. So I have absolutely no complaints in this department.


Here is where B&C’s Hideout Restaurant falls flat. The only things on the menu that I found to be original are the names they give to familiar pub standards, all of them keeping to the theme of cops and robbers.

This is the kind of restaurant my brother-in-law enjoys the most. I love my brother-in-law, and I’ve known him since high school (which is saying something considering I graduated from Heidelberg American High School in Heidelberg, Germany), but his taste in food is absolutely abhorrent. He thinks there are only two major food groups, brown and white (with maybe an occasional yellow). The only vegetables he eats are lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, and, I believe, corn. Besides lettuce he won’t eat anything green. I am truly amazed that he’s as healthy as he is. B&C’s caters to folks with his exact appetite. They have a few salads on the menu and on the sides you have your choice of the singular Hot Vegetable of the Day and potatoes served six different ways, five of which are fried.

Deep-Fried "Prison" PicklesSo now that my vegetable rant is over, I guess I should talk about the dishes we actually ate. For appetizers we ordered the “Ultimate” Combo platter, and the Deep-Fried “Prison” Pickles. I’ll let you read the menu to see what the combo platter consisted of, but suffice it to say it’s basically just a huge pile of deep fat fried carbohydrates.

Jailbreak "Italian" Roast Beef SandwichMy brother-in-law and I each ordered a side salad to go with our meals. I had the Jailbreak “Italian” Roast Beef Sandwich, Sis had the Gangster Grouper, the niece, the Teller’s Tenderloin, and my brother-in-law ordered the Criminal Classic Club. The standout of these four dishes was the tenderloin. I am often leery of ordering a tenderloin sandwich anywhere, as it usually consists of a piece of meat pounded out so thin I can’t see the meat much less taste it and it serves only as a medium for the fried bread crumbs to adhere to. By contrast, this tenderloin is not only wide, but there’s about a quarter inch of meat there too. You can order it either breaded or plain and it is pretty damned tasty. The grouper was moist and tender. The club sandwich was, well, a club sandwich, although the bro-in-law thinks it the bee’s knees. The only real disappointment was my Italian Roast Beef Sandwich. The beef just tasted packaged and wasn’t very tender.

Criminal Classic Club

The Juicy Bits

If your tastes run to classic deep fried fare, then B&C’s Hideout Restaurant is definitely the place for you. Although, if you want to keep your veins and arteries healthy and avoid a trip to your cardiologist before the age of fifty, you’d only visit once in a great while. Still, since B&C’s is extremely popular, it just goes to show what a great many Hoosiers enjoy eating the most, maybe it’s a comfort food thing.

The restaurant is very clean and the service is great, but the food and flavors are predictable, the tenderloin being a very pleasant exception (it is what I’ll order if I ever return there).

Oh, and lest I forget, do not expect to have a draft beer with your tenderloin, because while there is a pub they only serve bottled or canned beer.

In summary: Order the tenderloin.

B&C’s Hideout Restaurant
7242 West US 52
New Palestine, IN 46163
Tel: (317) 861-4433
Hours: Monday – Thursday (11:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.), Friday – Saturday (11:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.), Sunday (Closed)

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